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This site's subtitle has an ampersand that can be removed since computers "speak" languages as well as we do. Not really. Computer languages, though since late 1950's they look like English. Think of Basic, Cobol (COmmon Business Oriented Language) and quite a few other programming languages.

In the beginning computers were stupid things, could not count above one (1) and had to be programmed with switching buttons or putting wires into holes or take them out of it. How life became easier for us humans thanks to the intelligent people who made working with computers more easy than going to school.

Now it's barely necessary to go to school when you have a computer, a modern cellphone and other gadgets that contain a chip from one of those huge companies around that produce the beating heart of the machine that basically "sees" just zeroes (0) and ones. Software specialist call them bits.

The text I'm writing now is built of special bits called pixels. Each letter is formed in a rectangular frame of x times y dots. The value of x and y respectively depends on your vendor's Operating System and perhaps of changes made by a third party or yourself if you're a computer wiz.

So much for this introduction. Let's get to work! Believe me or not, One can get sooner a nice result  than you would expect. On some computers it's easier and therefore faster than others. It's not nice to call names, but ask your colleagues, friends and relatives using a different configuration how long it took them to make it happen.

The heart of a system is often a database